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App Communication

Sending information to the campus community using mobile-specific communication channels can be vital in sharing your resources, services, event information, and more. Penn State Go supports various communication options for Penn State entities looking to expand their communication channels to users of the Penn State Go mobile app. Each communication method has guidelines and a request process to maintain the best user experience and share information that is relevant to the users of the app. 

Communication Guidelines 

Please read and understand the communication guidelines below prior to filling out the appropriate request forms for push notifications, in-app banner messages, and opt-in notifications for Penn State Go.  

Only Penn State entities may use these forms to submit a request for a Push Notification, In-App Banner Message, or Opt-In Notification to be sent through the Penn State Go mobile app. The Penn State Go mobile team will carefully evaluate each notification request and notify the requestor once it is approved. The Penn State Go mobile team will also inform requestors if adjustments need to be made to allow timely University-wide messages to be scheduled ahead of other communications in the app.  

Message Content 

Content will be considered for removal from the Penn State Go for the following:  

  • Sharing personally identifiable information. 
  • Solicitation of services or products outside of Penn State. 
  • Explicit or offensive content. 

Frequency ofMessages 

An opt-in channel is expected to post content at least once every 4 weeks. In addition, be mindful of the number of messages sent to users. A higher volume of push notification messages may result in Penn State Go users disabling the push notification feature.  

Guideline Changes 

Penn State Go Mobile Operations Group reserves the right to update or make exceptions to these guidelines. All users of the Penn State Go Communication platform will be updated when changes occur.  

Public Notifications & Messages

Public notifications messages can be sent to all users or a specific app experience (such as students at a specific Commonwealth Campus) that have enabled push notifications for Penn State Go.These notifications are generally reserved for app updates and features, and campus-wide events. On rare occasions, public notifications can be sent by the Penn State Go mobile team on the behalf of a Penn State entity with prior approval.

In-App Banners

In-app banners and messages create notifications inside the Penn State Go mobile app at the top of the main homepage or specific module pages. These are a good alternative to public notifications because all users will see these banners within the app but will not receive a push notification. These banners are generally used for app updates and features, maintenance, events, and survey opportunities. The banners and messages can be sent by the Penn State Go mobile team on the behalf of a Penn State entity with prior approval.  

Opt-In Channels

Opt-in channels are a feature of the Penn State Go app that enables Penn State entities and partners to send messages manually, scheduled, or linked to an RSS feed to a specific messaging channel in the Penn State Go app. These channels send a push notification to subscribed users and allow all users to read information from specific messaging channels in the Penn State Go app.For example: THON 2020 utilized an opt-in channel to inform and notify participants of daily events and updates.